Dubai Water Parks

Dubai Water parks are refreshing from the heat of the city while as offering some of the most entertaining riding facilities across the globe. Among the highlights, the most interesting is the underwater zoo consisting of the aquarium, where in a large number of wonderful and technologically advanced tank, the diverse fauna of the ocean is presented. Another place that I must visit is the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, this park contain water slides, river rides and the famous Leap of Faith water slide that sends the riders down through a near vertical plunge into a lagoon of sharks. For the lovers of something more classic, but no less adventurous, Wild Wadi Water Park has many water attractions based on stories of Arabian Nights and one of them is Jumeirah. So if you want to take a flight into an aquatic world of wondrous creatures, get your thrills on some wild water slides or take your children for some fun and enjoyment Dubai Water parks have lots to offer you and your family. offers following Dubai Water Parks Related Tours

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