Sri Lanka Tour Packages

Explore the beauty of Sri Lanka with a special tour that provokes a marvelous journey through this island of wonders. The trip to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is one of the exquisite stops readily made during Sri Lanka Tour Packages. This sanctuary is one of the largest places in the region where are located a great number of the giants of the savannah – elephants. Within its territory, visitors can see the herd of elephants and come closer to these amazing giants of the swans. The orphanage owning to its establishment in 1975 caters for the young and injured elephants in its attempt to offer them the needed care and protection whiles touching feeding activities in the venue of interactive playtime Of course, the first among the places to visit is the Sigiriya Lion Rock that is listed as the World Heritage Object. : This huge prehistoric rock citadel rising out of the leveled plain of the interior helps the visitors to get an idea of the past and history can enjoy the Sri Lanka Tour packages. Scenic and arduous steps takes one to the top where one is rewarded with the beautiful view of the greenery as well as the palace of King Kashyapa that encompasses the most famous fossilized frescoes and the mirror wall. These, among several others, depict Sri Lanka and while a tailor made tour package that provides an appealing combination of the above and other cultural, historical and natural attractions can be given in detail below. offers following Sri Lanka Tour Packages

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