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Experience the magical charm of Turkey  tour packages to provide you a memorable experience of history of Turkey. You should start your tour in Istanbul – the country’s energy and the city that unites the past and the present. Visit with St. Sophia or Hagia Sophia, one of the major symbol of Byzantine archaeology, which wows tourists with its colossal dome and stunning mosaics. Take a walk through the area called the Hippodrome which until the 15th century served as the central sporting and social facility of the ancient city of Constantinople. Of course, little can be compared to picturing how it used to be with chariot races and grand ceremonies, nevertheless, there are still old monuments to be seen today, like the Serpent Column and the Obelisk of Theodosius are still standing here to tell the story.

It would be wrong to talk about Istanbul without mentioning the Blue Mosque, or the official name – Sultan Ahmed Mosque – that claims to be one of the most beautiful pearls of the city. This historical building with blue Iznik tiles has six minarets and an integrated courtyard that make it unique and recognized all over the world.  Enjoy the Turkey tour packages with lots of things to see in this city. Apart from the fascinating sites of Istanbul, we have other tour packages that take our clients to other interesting places. Visit the fairy-tale land of Cappadocia, the best place of seeing the scenic beauties such as flying over the fantastic forms in the ground- the volcanic cones and the caves used by ancient people. After dining, you can go to the city of Troy, which, according to legend, hides the legendary ruins that played the wildest stories for Homer.   

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