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05 Jun 2024 Adventure Travel is your one-stop solution for all your travel plans. We offer you the best holiday tour packages with lots of offers and give you the ability to customize the package as per your budget. We are all over India and outside the world also. If you are living in Bangalore then we offer you the Goa Tour Packages from Bangalore. Goa is a vibe where there are sun-drenched beaches, Palm trees, and Vibrant Nightlife and the charm is the thing you should enjoy in Goa. The most important thing is to set your budget and tell us then we will try our best to offer you the best packages that suit your budget. We are there for people to help them with all their travel Dreams come true. There is the customization facility that we offer you that you can choose your favourite accommodation, choose the water sports you want to enjoy and many other customizations can be done as per your mood. We are renowned for our well-managed itinerary for our customers. We also have a travel office in Mumbai you can also book Goa Tour Packages from Mumbai. There are multiple offers and discounts we offer to our customers. Our Packages include sightseeing tours, cultural experiences, and fostering a deep connection with Goa.   

Goa is the most loveliest and attractive tourist destination. It is located in the western parts of India surrounded by Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Arabian Sea. This is the most visited destination in India and is famous for its historical destinations and natural beauties. This is the loveliest place in the world as it has wonderful beaches, flora, and fauna. Enjoy the waterfall backwaters, wonderful beaches, and hills which will mesmerize you and make your trip memorable for a lifetime. Goa is a country that is worth visiting as you get so many affordable Best Goa Tour Packages and explore the beautiful state of India. The food of Goa has several varieties it is a fusion food Goa tour package from Bangalore. Goan cuisine is celebrated for its diverse array of flavors, particularly its delectable seafood crafted from the freshest catches. The culinary offerings of this coastal state not only tantalize the taste buds but also serve as a vibrant reflection of its rich cultural heritage. Goa the other thing is famous for its Beaches stretching in the coastline around 125 km. The beaches in Goa are divided into two parts North Goa Beaches, and South Goa Beaches.  Three customized Packages we are offering you:

Goa Bliss Beyond Beaches Tour Goa is known as the fusion country it has sand, water, sun and culture. This destination is offers you Goa bliss beyond beaches so should explore the country more. Goa’s heart and soul lies in the beaches and it has a unique charm of the beaches of Goa. Spend your sunny days basking in the adorable sun, embracing the cool pinch of the seaborne breeze, or indulge in some of the many thrilling water activities, including parasailing, jet skiing, and snorkeling.

Goa Holiday Package with Dinner Cruise Have a marvellous taste of luxury and fun with our specially crafted and exclusively designed Goa Tour Packages including the enchanting Dinner Cruise Goa Tour Package from Mumbai. Immerse yourself in amazing and colourful Goa while enjoying a sumptuous meal on a cruise ship. Cruise on the tranquil Arabian Sea in the evening, and watch the sun setting bunkering the horizon in hues of orange, pink etc. Indulge in delicious food, Sky cooked with modern technologies by professionals, interesting shows and remarkable music. As you ding up and down the shores do indulge in the scenic beauty of Goa as you let the nice sea breeze to freely touch your skin. Contact us today and let’s make a head start to experiencing luxury and relaxation on your vacation.

Romantic Goa Tour Package  Using this article, Goa invites all the daring couples out there to discover some of the adventurous activities lovers could share this is the Goa Tour Package from Lucknow. As tourists immerse in snorkeling and scuba diving, explore Goa’s vivid marine life lurking in the depths of the Arabian Sea. Discover the stunning colours of the coral Gardens and the wonderful sea life the surrounds this area. Go trekking for experiencing a raw Goa through the splendid forests brushing past hidden waterfalls, explore extensive caves and wildlife sanctuaries. Participants can experience smooth rides like parasailing, jet skiing, and even a banana boat if one chooses to be adventurous. Connect with your beloved amid Goa’s breathtaking natural beauty, live new moments of passion and discovery.

Top Attraction of Goa

Anjuna Beach

Young, unspoiled, and tranquil, Arjuna Beach is located in North Goa, India, and is a perfect destination for beach lovers and adventurers who seek a calm atmosphere. Bordering a line of swaying palm trees and clusters of powdery sand, it can indeed provide a scenery where one can find peace from the noise and pollution of the urban world. The vapors rise from the crystal waters of the Arabian Sea lying on its coast, which offer activities like swimming and sunbathing and relaxation along the beautiful sandy beach. The isolated access to this beach is ideal for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world, this would make the area perfect for one to relax and recharge. This is a very amazing beach which you should include in your Best Goa Tour Package. This beach is relatively unknown but it provides the beauty and serenity that one seeks from the beach areas of Goa.

Dona Paula

Dona Paula is also spelled as Donapaula, is among the most famous tourist place situated in the Goa state of India. It is located on the picturesque shore line nearly 7 kilometres away from the state capital city Panaji. Donapaula is well-known for its scenic vistas and vistas, clean sandy shores, and lively first nations peoples. Its name is derived from a historical personality by the name of Paula Amaral Antonio de Souto Maior, who was a daughter of a Portuguese viceroy. It is said that she jumped off this cliff because to marry a local fisherman known as Gaspar Dias, was prohibited. This event has earned the spot the name “Lovers’ Paradise” as the result of such a tragic love story. Aesthetic beauty is what attracts tourists to Donapaula as it presents a beautiful scene of the Arabian Sea coastline, the confluence of the Mandovi and Zuari rivers.


Embark your journey to Goa with the best tour packages which is offered by our company there are three types of packages that are Goa bliss: beyond beaches, Goa Holiday Package with Dinner Cruise and Romantic Goa tour packages are being offered. The packages can be customized as per the persons budget. There are so many attraction s and so many activities to do in Goa with your loved ones and enjoy the beauty of Goa. The most famous tourism products are the pleasant coast and powerful water sports, colorful nightlife, and culturally heritage. These almost always cover accommodations in beach resorts or hotels, having a visit to famous beaches including Calangute, Baga, and Anjuna, enjoying water activities like parasailing, and enjoying angular skiing, visiting sightseeing attractions like Old Goa church and fasers including Aguada, and savoring Goan food and shopping. Others provide outings such as dolphin sighting or boat ride along the Mandovi River. Prices differ with the available packages depending on the number of days to be used, the level of accommodation and what comes with it.  

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