Dubai Desert Safari - Experience the Thrill of the Dubai Desert Safari

05 Jul 2024 Adventure Travel

Dubai Desert Safari a Dubai Desert Safari has all the themes of Arabian adventure incorporated in it and is indeed fascinating. This is an off-road, sand-dune driving where drivers steer four-wheel drive vehicles across the desert at high speeds. This is followed by, cultural activities that involve camel riding, sand surfing, and getting a henna design. In the evening, a bell is rung for cultural shows which include belly dancing and Tanura and this is accompanied by dinner from a sumptuous spread of Arabic food.

Dubai Desert Safari

Desert Safari with VIP Seating Dubai  For those who do not mind getting deeper into the desert but with better comfort, the regular Dubai desert safari has some of the sophisticated seating styles. They can provide service to the star status of their guests, with personal service all around and in the middle of the desert environment. This exclusivity can involve a premium area with comfortable sofas and chaises, the table service by a personal waiter, and the possibility of having a great night in the open air. Citizens are offered exquisite meals delivered to their lounging place, making the environment glamorous as it is located in the desert.

Premium Desert Safari with VIP Seating and Quad Bike Dubai  The English translation of this tour is The Luxurious Sand Adventure with VIP Seating and Quad Biking Package and it is indeed a thrilling and luxurious tour that is perfect for both: the adventurer and the privileged. Following a thrilling dune bashing experience in a luxurious 4-wheel drive vehicle, the guests have a chance for an even more thrilling quad biking experience over the vast sandy desert. It also comes with special seating arrangements, and exquisite barbeque dinner arrangements under the stars and complimented by traditional entertainment.   

Dubai Desert Safari with Quad Bike and BBQ Dinner  One of the best experiences one can expect from a tour is the Dubai Desert Safari with Quad Bike and BBQ Dinner. For the first activity, they ride quad bikes along the golden sand before they reach a Bedouin-style camp to enjoy a BBQ dinner. As the sun sets, the evening progresses further, there is a display of live Abra dancing and the guests get to listen to live traditional songs and music of Emirates. It will be suitable for families or those who love thrilling activities for in the middle of the desert what better way to spend an Arabian night. 

Dubai Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner  Going for a trip in desert is an excellent opportunity to combine an interesting tour with dinner that will be cooked on a barbecue. After a Camel ride and dune bashing, guests are entertained to a Bedouin Installation where they can relax and have a B. B. Q dinner under the stars. After dark, an array of cultural programs like belly dancing and Tanura shows with explanation of Emirati customs and the reception amid an amazing desert environment.   

Dubai Morning Desert Safari Adventure  As a result, for those early biomorphs who like to wake up early in the morning to catch the morning light of beauty, there is the Dubai Morning Desert Safari Adventure package created to give a stunning view of the desert. Such a serene event starts with a camel ride within the undulating dunes that enables visitors to enjoy the normal dawn of the desert. Thus, the adventurous tour is best finished with a breakfast, which can be served literally in the middle of the desert, allowing guests to capture the view before the scorching sun of a hot desert sets in again.   

Summary provides Dubai Desert Safari services that can be said to have something for everyone; from those tourists seeking some thrills to the ones looking to have a VIP lavish, or morning casual ride. Whether you want to go for an adrenalin rush on the sand dune, get a calm and quiet view of the desert from a VIP zone or indulge in quad biking or enjoy desert at sunrise, guarantees a remarkable trip through the desert experiencing the culture and the delicious meal. Explore Dubai Desert Safaris with us by and receive a good understanding of those tours. com and start your amazing Arabian vacation.     

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