Thailand Tour Packages from Lucknow

12 Jun 2024 Family Travel

Thailand has the old temples, beautiful beaches, and vigorous cities, and therefore is one of the most favorite countries for tourism. This means that when you are planning a tour from Lucknow, you are bound to stumble on several tour packages that will appeal to your sense of adventure, duration, and affordability. They often include flights, food, transfers between the hotel and airport, and tourists’ sightseeing tours to interesting places. Thailand is a country that is moving forward and when in Thailand one is very spoiled for choices. Capital Bangkok has majestic palaces, boat-like markets, and amazing nights. while Chiang Mai in the northern part of Thailand has a calm aura due to its old temples and a lot of greeneries around. The southern island destinations including Phuket and Koh Samui in particular are well known for their white sandy beaches, beach and sea activities, and fun-filled evenings. Studying in Thailand gives you a taste of a variety of specialties such as foods, festivals, and Thai massages among others. Whether the traveler is interested in fun, beach, culture, or anything else, there is much to do in Thailand making it perfect for that vacation from Lucknow. The packages can be book Thailand tour packages.

Thailand Tour Packages from Lucknow

Best budget 5 Night 6 Days Bangkok Tour package with Madam Tussauds and Ocean Life Entry Ticket

The basic Thailand Bangkok tour package that covers 5 nights and 6 days is one that will cut across the cost of accommodation and other expenses. These normally entail flight tickets for the whole trip from Lucknow, standard hotel lodging, continental breakfast, and transfers between the airport and hotels. Thus, the itinerary includes famous places that can be visited in Bangkok ensuring an interesting time without spending much money. Finally, your tour includes visiting cities like the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and Wat Phra Kaew among other tourist attractions. Among attractions that can be visited in Bangkok there is Madame Tussauds Bangkok which exhibits stunning and realistic wax celebrities. Other interesting features are the free gifts which include Ocean Life Bangkok Ocean World entry ticket, an entry ticket to one of the largest Aquariums in Southeast Asia. Here, you can always witness a variety in the species and richness of the sea creatures from corals to the sharks. One can easily spend hours at the numerous markets in Bangkok, savor the delicious Thai spices, and even frequent the bars and clubs – all of this is provided by this package that will give you a magnificent and cheap overview of Thailand’s capital.

Mesmerizing Thailand - Pattaya & Bangkok 5 Nights 6 days Tour

The tour package is referred as ‘Mesmerizing Thailand – Pattaya & Bangkok 5 Nights 6 Days Tour.’ Enjoy these places in your Thailand Tour packages. The night life experience in the city, the beaches and the other interesting sites such as the Walking Street or the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden are other attractions that one can have in Pattaya. The target group that takes part in water activities such as parasailing and jet skiing among other water activities is the group of holiday makers. This is a relatively intensive tour positioned in between Pattaya and Bangkok to provide the visitors with the bright smiling face of Thailand. Here you get to see some of the sites like The Grand Palace – the temple of Dawn – Wat Arun and the temple of the Emerald Buddha – Wat Phra Kaew. Some of the tourist attractions include Madame Tussauds where tourists are provided with an opportunity to personal photo shoots with icons in the form of life like wax figures. Other interesting attraction include the Ocean Life Bangkok Ocean World Which is among the largest in the region with sea animals in water. This is an interesting way of travelling because there is time for fun at the beach and sightseeing around different cities; thus, it is the best experience in Thailand.

Exotic Thailand Tour Package with Pattaya and Bangkok The ‘Exotic Thailand Tour Package’ with Pattaya and Bangkok beaches is a delight to spend days basking in the sun, sipping in the sands, and nights amidst lights switched on in the city. Now let’s begin our journey from Pattaya which is called the city for its beautiful golden sandy beaches, night revelry as well as exciting adventures. Swimming can be done on the beach while the places that are recommended to be visited are the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden and the Pattaya Walking Street. The next destination is Bangkok; it is Thailand’s capital city that never seems to sleep. On day three you would be taken sightseeing; exploring the great police of Bangkok, the certainly famous temple of Wat Arun, and also Wat Phra Kaew which is also known as the Holy Palace. The package includes an adrenaline-pumping trip to Madame Tussauds to touch and pose for pictures with wax tourists from all over the world. Moreover, a trip with the title: Ocean Life Bangkok Ocean World, which encompasses one of the largest Aquariums of South East Asia, offers some information about the sea creatures. This tour is a unique example of Thailand indeed, it takes you through the sea and the big cities.

Top Attractions of Thailand

Coral Island Tour:  Coral Island commonly known as Koh Larn is an island that lies in the Sea, and is around 7. 5 kilometres from Pattaya in Thailand. Coral Island, well illuminated and teems with colourful coral reefs together with fine and clean white sandy beaches; is truly a paradise for beach lovers and sea sports lovers. Here tourists can swim on deep waters through snorkeling, flying on a parasail, ride on the jet-ski, or just ride on the banana boat while being sunbathed. The island is situated close to the coast and can be reached from Pattaya within a short boat ride, and therefore, as a rule, visitors go there for a one-day trip. Coral Island is small island which is located near the city and which is famous for its scenic beauty and rich marine life; thus, the tourists who seek for quiet and calm journey, joy riding and fun involved in water activities, can easily plan for this place Of all the optional activities that are combined with the Thailand tour packages there is the Coral Island tour meant to make sure that all visitors taking a tour of Pattaya will be enjoying a nice seawater ground. This sight-seeing usually involves boat ride, lunch, and lots of leisure time to indulge in the beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea water which are some of the best in the world in Koh Phi Phi Island, therefore it is recommended for anyone who will be going to Thailand.

Golden Buddha Temple- Traimit Withayaram Worawihan : The Wat Traimit Withayaram Worawihan or the temple also known as the Golden Buddha Temple is in Bangkok, Thailand. This fine temple houses the largest Chedi, it also houses the largest solid gold Buddha statue’’ weighing roughly five tons. 5000 kilograms and its approximate height measured to be approximately 3 meters. The statue was made in the 13th century and the head of the statue was repaired and has a layer of plaster which it fell on in the 1950’s. The temple itself is a good example of Thailand's architectural styles and is among the most attractive landmarks that one has to visit especially when in Bangkok. For those who would like to visit and interactively tour the fascinating country, then there are Thailand Holidays from Lucknow to ensure you capture the beauty of this place.


Book Exotic Thailand Tour Package and explore the best of Thailand including the exciting city of Pattaya and Bangkok. This glamorous tour is one a 5-night, 6-day tour package that will take you to Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city and Pattaya, the beach city. This fun-packed package includes attractions such as Madame Tussauds and Ocean Life in Bangkok in order to make for an exciting and cheap vacation. Book now to have a relaxing and fun-filled vacation in Thailand's A-list destinations. Enjoy the trip and book your packages with which offers you a wide range of packages that are designed and have the option to customize their packages as per their Budget. This is the place where every tourist loves to visit and enjoy exciting activities and enjoy the scenic beauty and enjoy the best historical places.   

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